A Communication Agency Driving Social Change Through Powerful Storytelling.

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Impactful Narratives That Inspire Action

What we do

We elevate organisations through credible, creative, and consistent communication strategies focused on social and environmental impact. 

Impact Strategy Building

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We craft plans that resonate deeply, shaping messages that tackle significant obstacles, such as economic development, healthcare disparities, and environmental sustainability. With original ideas and forward-thinking methods, we ignite the drive to create change.

Compelling Storytelling & Media Expertise

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We craft captivating narratives and produce stunning visuals that deeply resonate with multiple audiences, including governments, decision-makers, communities, and beyond. Through our work, we ignite enthusiasm and motivate diverse stakeholders to contribute towards making the world a better place.

Empowerment Hub

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We’re the starting point for your journey towards growth, where we equip organisations with the tools to amplify their voices, ignite social change and showcase their impact. Together, we build a brighter tomorrow through the power of effective communication.

Global Development Sustainability Goals (SDGs)

Impala Communication’s services and programmes cover various aspects of Global Development Sustainability Goals (SDGs) directly and indirectly


SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

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Impala Communication’s projects often focus on health communication, including initiatives related to reproductive health, disease prevention, and healthcare access. By promoting awareness and education, Impala contributes to improving health outcomes and well-being within communities.

SDG 4: Quality Education

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Through communication campaigns and advocacy efforts, Impala Communication supports initiatives aimed at improving access to quality education, promoting literacy, and enhancing educational opportunities, particularly for marginalized groups.

SDG 5: Gender Equality

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Impala Communication is deeply committed to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. Many of our projects focus on addressing gender-based inequalities, advocating for women’s rights, and challenging societal norms and stereotypes.

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation:

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Impala Communication collaborates on projects related to water conservation, hygiene promotion, and access to clean water and sanitation facilities. These efforts contribute to advancing SDG 6 by promoting sustainable water management practices and improving access to safe drinking water.

SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities:

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Impala Communication’s initiatives often target marginalized and vulnerable populations, aiming to reduce disparities and promote inclusivity. By amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups and advocating for their rights, Impala works towards reducing inequalities within society.

SDG 13: Climate Action

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Impala Communication actively engages in communication campaigns and awareness-raising initiatives to tackle climate change-related challenges. Collaborating with organizations like IWMI and Nile Basin, we focus on capturing the lived experiences of communities in Sub- Saharan Africa, particularly women and pastoral communities, to highlight the impacts of climate change. Through these efforts, we promote environmental sustainability and advocate for climate action at various levels, from individual behaviour to community initiatives and policy development.

SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals:

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Impala Communication values collaboration and partnerships, working closely with various stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, international organizations, and communities. By fostering synergies and collective action, Impala contributes to the achievement of all SDGs through effective partnerships.

Why Impala

We understand the audience you aim to reach.

Expertise in Social Change


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Leading social and behavioural change agency dedicated to fostering positive change through innovative communication strategies.

Innovative Approach


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Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and technologies to create impactful campaigns that drive behaviour change and resonate with audiences..

Measurable Impact


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Prioritizing data-driven approaches to measure campaign effectiveness and optimize results for tangible, measurable impact.

Collaborative Partnerships


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Working closely with clients and partners to co-create solutions and maximize the reach and impact of campaigns.

Cultural Sensitivity


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Navigating diverse cultural contexts to ensure communication strategies are relevant and sensitive to the communities they serve.

Message Development


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Crafting inspiring, compelling messages that resonate with target audiences, promoting desired behaviour change and addressing misconceptions.

amplifying your impact




Our Priorities

Empowering communities through impactful communication.

Empowering Women

amplifying her voices, harness her power, her quality of leadership and resilience, her significant contributions to her families, communities, and beyond

Climate change

Addressing climate change through innovative communication campaigns and advocacy efforts that promote environmental sustainability and resilience.

Youth Employment

Focusing on projects empowering young individuals with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed in the workforce and contribute to economic growth.

Community Development

Fostering sustainable development initiatives that uplift communities, improve livelihoods, and create positive social change.

Gender Equality

Championing gender equality and women’s empowerment by amplifying women’s voices, advancing their rights, and promoting inclusivity in all aspects of society.

Our Clients

From Our Clients

Impala communication has been a reliable partner, always promptly providing us with high quality products and services.”

Wubalem Fekade

Ph.D Head, Social Development and Communication Unit Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office, NBI

film production covered three major projects in Afar, South Omo and Addis Ababa targeting various projects in and around these three cities they have produced a 20 minutes video with well through-out, procedure covering the subject matter with high quality production and content…”

Alemayehu Seifu

(MD, MPH) Deputy Country Director, AMREF (African Medical & Research Foundation)

Leveraging over 12 years of experience, catalysing change through effective communication strategies.

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