about us

we bring about impactful, measurable and sustainable behavioural change through harnessing the power of effective communications.

our vision is to prove the power of communications to change lives for the better.

our values


We work hard to understand the challenge our clients expect us to meet. We believe that no communications programme should begin without understanding the strategy that has prompted it, the community that is impacted, and the positive outcome that needs to be achieved.


We look to develop long term partnerships with our clients. With this comes a greater understanding of what needs to be achieved and the barriers and hurdles to be overcome. True behavioural change takes time and teamwork.


Effective communication requires synergy. If our audiences are to be convinced, they need to hear consistent messages from a variety of sources. We bring this integration about by building a multi-disciplinary team for our clients with expertise in a range of communication techniques.


For us measurement is never an after-thought. We work with our clients from the beginning to decide the outcomes they expect us to deliver. For us measurement is to be embraced as it gives us the proof that our work really has made a difference.


It goes without saying. We are passionate about the difference communication can make to people’s lives. Making a difference by using our talents is what gets us up in the morning and it is what we look for when finding new people to join our team.

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